December 09, 2007

Muchos Gracias

Well...some eye candies on Cork town (at least the town that I always go. tatau la kot ade town laen ke)

Erm..ape name eh. Washington Road? Ke?

The B&B along the way to town. (cam..motel ke budget hotel camtu lah)
One of UCC entrance.

Of Mahon Point

Big thanks to Atiq & Kak Rose, yesterday I managed to take another steps further from the town of Cork to Mahon Point (MP). Located 15-20 mins away from the town, we took bus #10 from Glasheen, stopped at the Grand Parade at town, waited for Kak Rose, and hop on the bus to MP. Finally....a REAL shopping complex with its own Cinema and several boutiques under one roof! Okay rase loser giler plak..

We watched The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Fort. Was hoping Enchanted is available on the screen but to my surprise, IT IS NOT OUT YET, tuan2 dan puan2. Ya...begitulah fenomena negara2 maju disini. But...whatever. I miss watching movie in a real cinema (eventho there were like only 10 of us inside there??) and the movie is packed of psychotic ppl who would pull the trigger off when they felt like doing so. Sakit otak saya mahu menerima!

The whole shopping trip was fun and enjoyable. I didn't take much pixies coz 1st- saye agak teruja dgn MP and 2ndly becoz my bag was such a mess, malas nak kuar2kan kamera! And my newly acquired skill solat-in-fitting-room was nearly perfect! Muehehe...Thanks to Debenhams and Zara comfortable and big fitting room!

I went back with one Debenham skirt shirt (whatever thing u call it, dun give a damn) and broccoli,rice and carrot from Tesco (?? apakah??), Kak Rose with some stuff from Gasolene and Atiq with her new bubu from Kak Rose. (Atique, mission cari hadiah birthday for urself gagal lagi!!)

Of Stupid Bus and My Treat

We reached town at about 5.55pm and since my urinary bladder was about to burst (tahan wudhu' dari pagi nye pasal), I decided to take bus from town, instead of going back from Glasheen. Furthermore, I need to get home ASAP coz I promised the girls to cook dinner for them dan saya juga penakut dan saya takut mahu berjalan pulang keseorangan from Glasheen.


I had to wait for the #8 bus for 12 minutes! And it didn't stop in front of Castlewhite eventho I'm pretty sure the guy behind me rang the bell 5 freakin times!!!!! Dahlah kena berdiri and I had to grip the tiang on the bus firmly that I nearly fell several times. (ok statement takde kaitan) Then he stopped us at the next stop, in front of the Uni Hall and we (me and the guy) had to walk back to Castlewhite. Stupiiiiiddd!!!!!!

I reach home approx at 6.30pm. Changed clothes and rushed off to the kitchen to prepare things. Jeng Yin helped me to put the marinated chicken in the oven before that. I did the chilli sauce the nite before (right after Atique ajak gi MP.haha excited nye pasal). So I was left with the soup, kicap and the rice itself. I cooked Nasi Ayam for them. Luckily the whole thing turned out to be quite okay despite some kurang2 here and there. I'm glad they like it...

Atiq and her 2nd ke 3rd more than €90 choice of things-to-buy. Haha...saba ye Atiq tunggu discount!.
Tudung terkelepet sbb hujan and angin

Kak Rose and Atiq

P/S : thans kak rose & atiq! muahxXxXxx..Atiq next year tak balek summer kumpul duet bleh blanja gi MP eh...yeaayy!!

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