December 14, 2007

Cork city @ nite

As a part of the "Celebration" of the end of exams for med studs, we take a stroll at Cork city. Cork city at nite was beautiful. It was kinda busy (maybe due to Christmas and Thursday kot. Thursday is their payday- the day where they got their pay)

I went earlier since I'm done with my class since 12pm. Jalan a bit. Dined at Istanbul, had chicken kebab (adela rase satay sket-10%). Camwhoring along the road..So here goes :

I've withdrawn my money. Convert some of them to pound (in case I didn't get to do them before I go to the UK on 28th) Ouh it's quite worrying when u see how ur money could be reduced from 4 digits to 3 digits within a blink of eye. Ohhhhh...JPA cpat2 save meeeeeeee...

And when I recounted the sum of money spent of the winter trip - Spain and UK sume2 tu.. ceh..same je harga tiket balek Malaysia. That's not even including the possibility of overspending. Seriously!

A slight regret disitu...especially when my current mental and mind state are not at their best to jolly well. I need to go back to Malaysia and recharge...I miss home. Badly. When my classmate, Mich said she's going back to Singapore tomorrow, I feel like begging her to take me too....

Nak balek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s : sbb saye tak jadik beli sleeping bag, so i diverted the money spared for a pretty "decent" sling bag & a jacket from DP. heh. thanx to Kak Dayah for the idea tho.
And that's why I don't have confidence on myself - not to overspend during this holiday trip. But I know what would motivate me the most -> TIKET BALEK SUMMER + RONGGENG DI MALAYSIA. Yeah, gotta keep that in mind~

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