September 07, 2015

Be happy -

Hello Monday, another day, another new week.

My mood has been awfully unstable these few days. Sejajar dengan ketidakstabilan mood ini, it also has been awfully quiet. Silence. And I began to think that things are really approaching the other end now. Maybe the wavelength has differed now, maybe there are no more things to be talked about, maybe the other side is in so much happiness that it need not to get to touch over this side anymore. Maybe just maybe.

Well, whatever it is, be happy now. Whatever you do, wherever you are, just - be happy.

Other than that there are still things that I wanna do but haven't managed to do so. I miss going to karaoke. I so badly wanted to go for massage. Massage I can go alone. Karaoke? Well, that would be too pathetic to go alone. Ada jugak la aku ajak tapi nampaknya nama aku masih belum naik dalam prioriti senarai untuk keluar hangout bersama lagi so I've just got to wait la I guess.

Kah. Bitter benar nampaknya. Well, be happy everyone. Be happy. You need not come over to this side anymore you just be happy with your lives.

On another note, I went to the house to try to clean it, again. The water supply is back so I thought I could do more. The day before I worked for the whole day so I was quite beaten up. I thought I could force myself for a second round cleaning but unfortunately I can't. Maybe sebab takde mood or tak makan nasi lemak royale kot. Lol. Only managed to clean the cockroach-infested refrigerator and that's quite it.

Lain-lain ada la mop the whole house but I don't think it's sufficient. The house needs some good sental-an. Mopping alone is not enough. I will save that after the termites problem is under control. Informed the securities the house is up for rent but I will put up an advertisement later when it's more ready.

Sebenarnya if I were more enthusiastic to clean the house boleh je fokus satu-satu ruang and get a thorough cleaning done tapi semalam serius takde mood. Balik, makan, too tired that I slept that evening. I rarely sleep especially after asar tapi semalam I just can't go on anymore.. Lepastu malam sambung kemas bilik sendiri pulak and again, tak larat nak abiskan.

Hoping this week goes well. Bahaya ni kalau layan mood cenggini berterusan :P

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