September 14, 2015

Emo no mo

Shark week has started. So that explains the steady increase in anger and one heck of a turbulence in the emotional ride. The random outburst listening to songs, after some misunderstanding with the guard, and  after looking at random pictures. The very intense feeling of sakit hati to things that has somewhat normally occured. Tapi zeries bengang betul la dengan guard bergigi rompong tu beria-ia suruh beli sticker parking when I told him I don't need it I'm not gonna stay in the apartment. Mood ruined abis by guard gigi rompong that day cis bedebah.

Well, I should have expected it coming. But still can't control the mood swings. Ku hanya perempuan lemah. Lols.

Makanan sugul bulan ini ialah charkueyteow from this one restaurant in sek19. It was really, really good. Sugul punya pasal iols belasah udang galah/sotong/kerang sekali. Tapi kena assobru la waiting time close to 1 hour sebab they are very very understaffed. 1 cook. 1 buat air. 1 cashier cum tukang angkat pinggan. 1 multipurpose kakak who did every bit of this and that. But it was all worth it.


Anyway Sept/Oct is such a critical time. Crunch time. I'd like to just pass out temporarily and wake up in November but I know it won't happen. Atau mungkin by the time aku sedar mungkin dah tertimbus dalam tanah 6 kaki dalam. I hope I can manage everything well. Doa kuat may He eases my way.

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