September 18, 2015

Nad no sleep is no good

You know what's one of my pet peeves during texting?

No closure. Like tetiba tergantung. I understand when it comes to sleeping time people might fell asleep. But sometimes in the middle of the day texts went unreplied with no closure really drives me mad. Aku try nak balas buat balik dekat orang but I just can't. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

Oh well, that is just my problem I guess.

Having trouble sleeping actually. Took nescafe pre badminton session for some energy and now kinda regretting it. Nad no sleep is nad overthinking things. Lepastu bengang sendiri. Lol.

I had a dilemma as to what should I do post night workout session. Need to consume something to replenish my energy tapi it's already too late. Tapi post workout is the best time to eat something because that's when your metabolism is at top. I endedup taking half a spoon of protein with skim milk. Sedihnya disaat kegawatan ekonomi ni protein nak abis dah. Need to spare some for this Sunday that's why I took only half a spoon.

Thirty four days to get over this crunch time. Pray hard things go well.

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