September 28, 2015

Overly excited fangirl

The haze is pretty bad these past few days. Classes have been cancelled so more patients for us I supposed. I slept pretty late last night stayed up watching Ireland played Romania. I knew Ireland would take the win but I miss seeing Tommy Bowe stay up it is. 

Bowe and Zebo both my favourite. Zebo is a Munstermen so I being a Cork alumni I am rooting for him. Lol. They both messed up pretty bad during the last test against England that made them lose the place for the World Cup.

I think Joe Schmidt lined up his second best players against Romanian because well, Irish player are apparently very famously known for injuries. We have another 2 bigger games ahead against France and Italy so we cannot afford to lose the star players I supposed. Can see the differences between the players coz the games were a bit sloppy yesterday. Reddan was a bit confused whereas Conor Murray would have played his role as playmaker more neatly I must say.

But this is..coming from a girl who doesn't really know the game rules and everything la. I enjoyed watching, know a bit here and there about the rules but I also watched for the eye candies la.

See here the ever good looking macho Mr Bowe. 2 tries not bad huh? Almost made it to 3!

Overall I think Irish team has the best looking player because I am super biased like that. To name a few HeartRob Kearney, Zebo, Bowe of course, Jared Payne...even Healy,  Heaslip and the ever fierce Mr O Connell looks good because they are the Irish lads. Aku rasa kalau Castrogiovanni play for Ireland pun I might say him a good looking too LOL. The Americans and Scottish aren't too bad themselves. Can't really say the same about the Uruguayans tho. HAHA. Kbai.

Last night after the game I was a bit pumped up because the adrenaline from Ireland winning kept me  wide awake. I had a good chat from someone from the past. It's been 15 years and we managed to find each other again. The wonders of social media huh? I was quite surprised he still recognized me even after all this while. We both had a good laugh on the random encounter but we both agreed, it's a wrong timing to see each other again. He's not settled down yet but a lil bit complicated la. Plus I don't think he fits me just like how it didn't work out years years ago. Not my cup of tea I'd rather drink ayaq kosong ja. Kah.

But gotta be extra careful dengan dia ni he's witty and funny and sometimes he pulls off a few ayat manis that could sweep you off your feet. When he first re-introduced himself pun I can hear Taytay singing I knew you were trouble when you walked innnnn~~~ Whatevs la lagipun I can't trust men with words anymore.

Pretty excited for the coming weeks may the odds be ever in the Irish team favour. 

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