September 20, 2015

Awaaaaa saia taaa kuaaad

Ran my 5th run this year. Last year I ran 6. This year target 7. Hopefully dapat la cecah target. Also I haven't ran any under 10km run yet to test my speed. Need to find one before the year ends I supposed.

Semalam I worked almost the whole day. 10am-9.30pm and in between ada break I went to settle some stuff. Pagi tu tak henti from 10-12, senyap sekejap 1220 sampai la pukul 3 tak henti-henti.
Pinggang dah nak patah tp Alhamdulillah. Rejeki disaat ku memerlukan. #sisbersyukur

Balik malam baru sedar I didn't prepare for the run at all. Protein nak abis. Susu tinggal sikit. Tido pun lambat sebab tengok rugby. I almost didn't run but because I walloped a whole set of burger special with onion ring and fries segala, I had to run kalau tak berdosa besar oi.

Woke up this morning, so groggy lepas subuh doa lebih I could finish the run because I am deadly tired. Singgah 7e beli neskepe, telan fat burner bawak toujours segala I need all the help I can to complete the run.

Alhamdulillah walaupun menangis di km ke 9 I managed to finish the run in less than 1.5 hours. Interestingly during the run 3x the same guy ran and stopped beside me while I was walking and made small chit chat. Tapi sayangnya kekakak time lari takleh cakap sangat sebab simpan energy so I ended up only nodding and smiling while he talks. If I met him again after the finishing line I will definitely talk to him bole tahan jugak abang tu tapi sebab abis lari memang tak larat sangat I went straight away to my car.


The Rugby World Cup has started. My favourite, favourite game. At some point in my life my ideal man is one who plays rugby/ used to play rugby. Tapi sebab umur 28 pun tak kahwin-kahwin lagi kekakak pasrah and can't be choosy can't I? Lol. Of course I'll be rooting for Ireland. Tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang, apatah lagi tempatku menimba ilmu. Acewwah. My 2nd favourite will be Japan, 3rd only All Blacks. Dulu iols pakai pencilbox All Blacks tau pergi sekolah. #coolsangat

Why rugby tho? Well, all sports excite me but this one got me the most because I think it's a game played by gentlemen. They play rough, they bleed here and there but they still get the game going. Bola sepak tersadung kaki pun nak nangis guling-guling. And they are played by well-built player. I loike.

Well it's gonna be interesting 6 weeks to see who reign as the champion. Almost all Ireland's game will be on Sunday at 11.45pm mati la nak lambat la nak tidur esok pergi kerja. Oh well, few days only can't really hurt you right?

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