September 25, 2015

Facebook Memories

Facebook has this thing where it shows you throwback of what went on in your page on that date, years years back. This thing has someway hurt me looking at how has things changed.

How friendship has become so distant.

I used to be thousands miles apart, hundress miles apart, but nothing feel so far to certain people who used to be so close to me like how I feel right now.

I so want to bring myself to text "Have you been so busy? When are we finally going to meet up and" but I just can't. Hurts me to think the rejection or the plan cancellation that might come ahead. I'll just wait up for my invitation instead, if there will be any, that is.

We also haven't been in touch that frequently. Some texts might be exchanged once in a while, enough to know we are both alive, but not quite adequate to know what has been going on in our lives.

Well, at least they are happy now living their lives. That's good to know. Even I don't get to see them anymore, may Allah protect them, always.

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