September 25, 2015

Aidiladha di kota

I don't know why I decided not to take a leave today. Probably because we celebrated Aidiladha at Cik Wa's and since it's only like 15 mins away from home, I thought, oh well might as well work on Friday.

Ergh, now regretting my decision. I thought it would be free and easy. But not quite. Dalam kesenyapan PK ni I've seen 12 pts already. I thought it would be at most 5. Lol.

Since I broke my fast last Wednesday, I have been eating non-stop. NON STOP ok. This year we decided to do gathering at CikWa's. Lepastu bila Cik Cho hantar gambar Cik Aris tengah masak ungkep sorang-sorang terus sedih. Sorry Cik Aris!

That Wednesday night we had asam pedas, ayam semur with nasi beriyani and nasi impit for break-fast / dinner. After that we started prepping on things for tomorrow. I volunteered as Mak Tip's sous chef for daging beriyani and helped Cik Imah's rendang cili padi here and there. Started a bit late and only managed to get done with the daging beriyani at 1.45am. Because i didn't bring any clothes to change, I went back home that night.

The next morning we went to Cik Wa's again. Had daging beriyani, ayam rendang cilipadi with nasi beriyani and nasi impit for a start. Had talam cendol and kuih lompang as the sides. Petang sikit Cik Imah whipped up her mihun goreng tomyam which was bloody tasty. It was then continued with my lasagna which turned out pretty good considering my last one was quite sometime ago.

Around 6pm the BBQ started and we ate and ate non stop until the grand finale - ikan jenahak was served. Well it was worth the wait. Reached home around 11.30 that night and I had to work today.


Pagi tadi pun akak-akak ni bawak lauk for those who had to work today. Mati la nak tak berhenti-henti ni makan. Tak muat nanti baju nak pakai next week >.<

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