September 18, 2015

Making some changes

After around 2 weeks of not having any breakfast but yoghurt drink, I finally broke the so-called rules eating scrambled eggs and a slice of bread. I get hungry more if I take my breakfast so I am just doing some experiment to see how my body reacts.

Was quite worried after the badminton session yesterday I started to ache here and there and I have a run this Sunday. Not a good timing for injury so I made sure I consume a lot of protein for muscle repair and whatnot. Let's hope everything goes okay dah lah it's been 2 months since my last run. Mau kang menangis seret kaki ke garisan penamat ni..

Today I tried to make some changes with the way I treat my patients. Sebab depa ni comes from different set of people with patients I used to treat for the first 2 years of my working life, I have to grab this chance to educate too. Back then I work like a robot, emotionless and repetitious. Patient comes in, patients request, I do. Ulang banyak kali, ulang hari-hari. Now that the patient load has slightly decreased, I should try to educate them more. Get them understand what am I doing.

However, patients' load is a bit heavy this morning, compared to other days. By 12pm I have seen 34 patients, and that's quite tiring. Selalu sehari pun tak sampai 34 orang. Tried to educate as much as I could but at one point I am just too tired already. Nak cakap pun dah tak larat. Takpelah, next time I'll do better.

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