December 04, 2010

Luahan hati dan perasaan

The weather hasn't stabilized yet. There's no more heavy snow after the last day I wrote a post but it the temperature is still freakin freezing. The only time I wrap myself properly with muffler, boots and thick jacket was last winter, for my trip to Austria. Tapi sekarang, hari2 gi sekolah I had to spend extra 5 minutes to wrap my neck and wear them boots. Haishk..I want my 5 minutes back extra tu boleh tido lagi lima menet tau!!!!

this picture was from last winter's trip to Vienna

This morning the roads were all icy and slippery. There were a lot of crashes. You see, Ireland is not really well prepared with precautions for crazy temperature like this. So a lot of time people's daily lives were affected kalau ada emergency stuff. Schools have been closed. People are stranded in their house and can't go out. And tadi...the dental hospital decided to shut down at 12 since the situation has gone bad. Ada my lecturer tadi siap terpaksa parking kete tepi jalan and jalan kaki gi hospital sebab jalan licin.

gloomy and dull weather all day long. ada la the sun jengah sikit-sikit barang sejam dua..

I hope the weather behave well for the next 2 weeks. Jangan la jalan tutup ke airport tutup ke apa. Oh have I told you I iz going back home this coming 15th Dec? That explains this whole saya-takde-duit dilemma coz I have been saving up since 2 allowances ago, approx last April. Ingat senang2 ke saya nak balik suka2 hati. I feel I didn't have enough holiday last summer. I think I need to be well prepared for the next coming few months, especially the last part in June where I have to live alone when all my medic housemates are back in home enjoying the summer holiday.

Lepastu, satu lagi dilemma came up. You see, I plan to join my classmates to do volunteer work in Nepal called Dental Outreach. The dates would be from 10th of July until 23rd of July. Tiba-tiba, I found out AirAsia is flying to New Zealand!!! (click click click plis :P)

OMG. Even tak dapat promo price pun, a return ticket costed around RM1000 for a return flight. All this while I've been searching and waiting for cheap ticket to NZ to visit my bestfriend there ok! I used to dream of studying in New Zealand back then. Dulu time interview JPA, saya kata antara UK atau New Zealand. Ireland tak termasuk dalam senarai pun ok. Tapi Alhamdulillah, I'm still thankful for where I am now. Since the bestfriend is still studying there, this is a good time to take a trip to the land down under, yes?

Tapi tu lah. Dilemma dilemma dilemma. To go volunteer work or to go to NZ. I don't have that much of holiday and money to go both. So I have to choose. I have registered for the volunteer work but haven't bought the ticket or pay the deposit yet. So I might still have time to think...

Akhir kata, please pray for my exam this Dec 8th. Untuk kelancaran dan semoga dipermudahkan dan supaya tidak dipostpone ke tarikh lain ke apa. Dann please do pray for the ease of my trip to go back home nanti.


anak abah said...

akak gile yg byk dilemma..semua dilema untk jalan2..haha

Mohd Herie Farish said...


Good Luck Exams!
selamat pulang dan
2 decisions yang sangat pening nak pilij(dari yang saye bace)...

n Z r A said...

nadia gile - *malu*

herie - thanks! haha mmg suka peningkan diri sendiri pon..