November 30, 2007

Blown carotid artery

I'm curently having my Piko-Merdeka (Piko= 10 to the power of -12. sekejap jela kan?) pause..

Anatomy's Continuous ASSessment? Been there done that. Physiology not-a-test-that-will-be-counted-in-summer-exam-but-if-u-fail-u-wud-have-to-face-the-physio's-head-of-department? Had them these evening. So I'm basically free from burden of test for a few weeks ahead..

But I really need to do a HUGE housekeeping & catching-up-things job.

Actually I planned to post up some pictures from my apartments & some places I frequently visit (namely charity shop, penneys, zamzam?) but I was seriously distracted by Grey's Anatomy episode 9...and the cliffhanger...


A patient. With an exposed (external, i supposed) carotid artery. Carotid artery=artery(blood vessel) that supplies head & neck with oxygenated blood.

This is him, flirting, laughing happily with the doctor

When the carotid artery starts to explode (and when I screamed & caught up my roomies attention..hehe..sorry Jeng Yin)

Muke sakit

Tula sape suruh ngorat doctor!

In a nutshell:
  • if u have any arteries/blood vessels that are supposed to be invisible exposed, try to minimize the movement of the particular part kot (aceyh...pepandai je mengarut..)
  • and don't go flirting on doctors. menggunakan kelemahan/kesakitan utk menarik perhatian. oh...tak aci btul!! (u know most doctors, except Christina Yang and *cough*NABILA*cough*Yang are soft-hearted ppl)

p/s: Cork pictures later days ppl. Now u'd have to share my trauma together2..


vangardx said...

mak aih..seram aku kalau mcm tu..takut takut

n Z r A said...

takut kan..haa..jagalah kesihatan baek2