November 06, 2007

I miss..

Peeps I miss most..

Suasana I miss most..

Potpet + cook I miss most..

Lines I miss most..

Hall I miss most..

Gangsters I miss most.. (err..except Saifuddin? gangster kah bdak yg bakal amik SPM ni?? huu...tak sangkenye dier dah nak amik SPM...)
Yesterday I wasted my 16 (minus 5 for my sleep, 2 for my Anatomy lectures, 30 mins for cooking and 30 mins for solat) hours watching Korean movie - Coffee Prince. That's what I do when I've no mood in anything. I just don't feel like meeting ppl so I recluse myself in my room. I just don't feel like doing anything hence I chose to lazy around..Oklah I did my lab reports few here and there just to hide my guilt.
That's what I do when I'm down. Loosen up BUT of course not giving up. The brother has told me to expedite my course and the mother has told me to keep holding on. I will mak..I will bang..I'm not gonna let u down..insyaAllah. I just need to gather myself again.
Saye x gemar jadi hipokrit. Saye x brape suke kena paksa.
Forcing myself to pull a smile when my frowns are naturally appearing.


cik-kam said...

sabar banyak2..

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