November 02, 2007

My first dissection class

Perbezaan waktu Malaysia - Ireland skarang ialah 8 jam..

oh....smakin jauh jarak dan waktu memisahkan..

I didn't get up for sahur today =( (lagi 2 hari nak abes posa 6. go go go!!)

Yesterday I had to breakfast with chocs coz I had class in CUH (Cork Univ Hosp) up until 4pm and I went to Tesco to do my weekly groceries shop and I reached Castlewhite at 4.50pm and Maghrib was at 5.09pm.

And today I had my 1st dissection class. All this while we only flip over the cadaver. Prosections. But today we dissected the cadaver for real y'all!!

But no fancy thing. Just some basic stuff. Cutting the skin. They just wanted us to get used with the scalpel and the forceps.

One thing I don't really understand with our Anatomy class is when we ask the Instructor about some stuff they wud go ''ahh..u don't have to know that far. that's for medic studs bla bla bla..''
okayh kecik hati okayh?? even if we don't have to go that far the stuff was written down in our lab manual so it's more likely goin to be asked and I know Dr Denis wouldn't be happy if we can't answer the test.
Jawab je la..keee...awak terlupe? lalalala~

Oh ye..yesterday was one of the Halloween big party day. When I was in Wany's apartment preparing for buka I saw her hsemate wearing these fancy2 costume. Ade catwoman, ade butterfly, ade witch. So we took pixies with them. Later I'll post them up kayh?
And we skodeng-ed them preparing to go for the party. Crazy stuff but interesting la..of course.
Today my lab-mate told us how was the party went about. And there were this one 2nd yr dental studs wearing a fairy tooth the very dentist okayh??

Okayh. nuff said. mahu balek prepare buke.

p/s : awhh..malu la hritik roshan saye duduk dpan ni pula...LOL


redza said...

oi dik. bila nak abes blajar. cepatle sket

n Z r A said...

bang..adek lg nak cpat abes..
4 y 6 m to go! yeah!

palie said...

kul 5 dah maghrib... cepatnye... emm.. nak tanya skit... camne nak solat kalu ade kelas berterusan yek? contohnya kalu kelas start tengahari smpai ptg...

n Z r A said...

erm..stakat ni tak pernah la plak klas pagi smpai ptang. sbb kadang2 at least pun ade break 1 hour ke ape. so lari2 la gi solat...kalau tak pun diorang jamak je..