November 27, 2007

SK H.I.C.O.M berdisiplin berusaha~

2 weeks ago, a long lost friend of mine contacted me thru my Maxis phone (luckily I retained that number). So, as what LONG lost friend always do, we updated each other on our life and stuff and beginning to search the other lost friends.

And so I decided to create this friendster group of SK Hicom '99 (the year we graduated) in Friendster.

SK Hicom, as the name implies located at the industrial area of Shah Alam (where the peeps sudah diimunkan dgn environment yg sungguh poluted. Kiri kanan kilang..but I still love my place tho..) It used to be a place for people from Tmn Bukit Saga, Tmn Bunga Negara, Flat Proton and Taman Alam Megah but since 1995 the Taman Alam Megah peeps were transferred to SK Alam Megah 1 & 2 due to the increasing number of students. I was there throughout my primary skool years and I used to be the Head Prefect of that school...haha..sungguh aneh bukan?
Up until now, the skool is standing still, with some parts being altered here and there..huu...

Anyway through the group we managed to reach the objective-reuniting the lost ones. And I am so grateful that He opened my heart to create such group coz I finally found my best best guardian angel - Soh Ten-Ni. She used to pick me up when I was isolated by my so-called best friend. (okay dulu hidup byk gile konflik) She's turned into such a beautiful doc-to-be, currently in Int'l Medical U- same place with Fuzah.

huu...what a pleasant surprise..Hope our big reunion plan would become true August next year (= (So I got approximately 9 months to shape up myself =P)

Oh Physiology test coming up in few days..hope everything goes well..

Speaking about shaping up myself..I've just invested Eu10.49 for a weighing scale. word : ALERT (dgn bunyi alarm yg kuat tu nenong~nenong~nenong~..)

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