November 18, 2007

Home and Away


having no internet connection in my apartment is kinda 'blessing in disguise' for me. I have kinda strong chemistry with the internet that I can't let it go when I've them in my palm..
But with winter starting and the leaves are all falling, the myth of intermittent internet connection is proven. Yup. We do get the sesat connection from our room and it is kinda steady and went uninterrupted since this morning.


Last Friday I had the patient examination practical. It was really fun. I feel more like a dentist. Previously we only got to play with the chairs and stuff but last Friday we got to play with each others' mouth. Err..literally lah.. But me being me, the nervous me who got nervous in everything new to me..holding the mirror and forcep and the fork-like thingy (okay this is sooo not dentist term. i'll get back to this later) poking onto somebody's mouth. Huuu...I don't really agree with the idea of letting ur students to do so without demonstrating it.
Oh okay at least to me la..who hasn't got anybody in my background doing dentistry (as far as I can remember..).
But the practical went okay. Dr E.K went to check up on each of us thoroughly. I even asked for her opinion on my small, jarang-jarang teeth. So she suggested I might want to close the gap (wear braces) and make a crown. If I were to do it here...mahu miskin papa kedana bertahun2..


But being a dentist...ppl might be judging. So I might have to reconsider this...Sooner or later..


I was down with some stupid fever latter in the evening. Apehal tah....My body were aching. It felt hot and cold at the same time. So basically I was wrapping myself in the duvet until next day..
And left my anatomy books untouched.


And today I'm back to myself. All geared up to study but stuck with some chores. Laundry. And this weird craving of wanting to eat curry. So I cooked curry. Chicken curry to be exact. Saya berjaya masak kari okay. Walaupun tak sesedap and sepekat kari mak saye buat.....ia rasa seperti kari!

But this weekend isn't the great one. With 2 of my hsemates here...I feel kinda restricted. Actually I'm quite happy that the Irish students would go back to their home every weekend (despite the distance) coz they would leave the whole Castlewhite area to ourselves...

Erm...up until this moment I haven't do any anatomy stuff (except the 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy I had last nite before sleep...errr...that doesn't count I guess)
Blame this internet! Blame everything but not myself! Hahahaha....sangatlah tak waras...


And some sweet,love notes from my beloved anatomy lecturer.. ohhhh WTF!!! No hentam2 in MCQ Qs?!?!?!?!!? There goes the gist of MCQ Qs...

Fri, Nov 16, 2007 -- AN1006: Your CA
Your 1st Continuous Assessment (CA) will be on Thursday, the 22.11.07 in the BHSC_G05 starting at 10.00.

The CA is a combination of short answer questions and multiple choice questions. Please note that incorrect answers of multiple choice questions are negatively marked (minus 50 % of the mark for that question). There will be no negative marking if you choose the option “Do not know”. Therefore, in questions, in which you are likely to give a wrong answer, you should consider choosing the option “Do not know”.

The duration of your CA will be 100 minutes. Please bring a pen with you.
Posted by: Deniz Yilmazer-Hanke

Wish me luck ppl. It might help a lot. I dun wanna get stuck here too long..

And okay..i'll study too. But pls pls pls...pray for my success okayh?!?!

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