November 19, 2007


Wandering aimlessly

Feeling down...and kinda lost

All I need is a phone call with my mom to ramble about my exams and my muda-muda dah mabuk2 Irish mates..

Tho I know her answer wud be typical "takpe..adek study jee.." or "takpe...adek sabar je.." I feel lots lots better now =D

Update from Melesia -
  • Cik Nurul dah ade baby girl!! Wee....
  • My atok pisah's blood pressure went up to 200 oh apakah?!?!?! Mak, MakPah, MakLimah,MakTip went back to kampung to check up on her yesterday (aihh..hikmah ramai anak..beshnyeee..)
  • tapi dier dah okay and she's in Kajang with my Mak Tip right now. coming down to visit Cik Nurul
  • Aqi scored 5As and Mira scored 4As 1B in their recent UPSR. Way to go lil cousins!! I know the both are u are great kiddos!!

I feel so bibik Indon in that scarf. Why oh why I'm not as fair as slim as me mom~

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