October 30, 2007

Dublin trip - an update =D

I'm back in CORK!!

Well the Dublin trip was a blast. Dublin is fun. FULLSTOP. But somehow I felt super thankful for not being one of the Dublin-ers. Why? Mari ikuti blog saye sepenuhnya..hee..

We arrived in Dublin approx at 2.30pm. Mun and some guys fetched us. Oh saye culture shock seketika. kampung masuk bandar. The sea of ppl is...memeningkan kepala. Too many ppl. Very2 busy. That's Dublin.

In Dublin, there are loads of halal fast food/restaurant. So that explains thankful #1. Had I been the Dublin-ers pasti badanku mengembang and duitku melayang drastically due to the irresistable temptation of dining out. We went to Kebab Club and after that went back to Mun's house. And here we go to thankful #2. The house is not so big. The rooms are not so spacious. The toilet are not so comfortable. And they pay E290!! Jika anda di Cork, dgn duit E290 u can afford to live in nice, spacious, comfortable big room/house.

Later in the evening I stopped by at Nora's house. Few blocks away from Mun's so the condition were slightly I care not to elaborate..
I didn't join the gig event. I dunno why but I just don't feel like doing so. Not because I boycotted the event or what..but later that nite Mun and I went to fetch the rest at the gig. Thankful #3 - the fast food operates till late nite so we went to eat kebab yg portion dier sangat besar okayh..adoih...gemukk gler..

The next day the fun began. Futsal. Nerve-wrecking, muscle streching, body aching but super fun and exciting futsal. Thankful #4 - most of the Dublin-ers spent a lot on transport. Busses. Trams. And it costed a lot y'know? But thank God they got this Rambler card so u can hop on the bus unlimitedly in a day. Kalau tourist mmg worth it la tapi kalau frequent user? erm...i dunno..
Muke goaly bajet hebat

The futsal game went smoothly. We had fun! Played 6 games and I played all of them FULL TIME okayh. tiada keluar2 ganti2. Of course we lost ler..The first 2-3 games I was still in good condition. We even managed to give hard times to the champion - BUMBLEBEE. Orang laen smua diorg belasah 6-1, 5-0 la tapi ktorang kasi diorg buat 2-0 saje...hee..I took the goaly position coz almost everybody didn't want to take the risk. Sabar je la..But when the finishers were having problem to attack I swap with Apan and took over the striker position. Kire I played goaly-striker-goaly-defender la..

After the 3rd games my deadly coughing started to reappear. I had difficulties to breathe and I was gasping for air. It lasted for 30 minutes..a few ppl were there by my side. Thanks to Nora, Aimi, Ummi and the goaly from KUD for ur care. And thanks also Peja? (yup he came to Dublin to meet her laopo-Vien) Vivi, Yani and few others for ur concern..Haha..I dun want to elaborate much on the question marks. U ppl who know me and my history duduk diam and rase pelik je la ye..

The last 2 games were the worst. Start lawan the Corkians saye dah rase tak besh dah nak lawan. Walaupun saye still maen ganas...tapi still rase tak best..It got worst towards the end of the game against Galyway-ians. My chest, leg were hurting so I played for the sake of finishing the game (tapi still maen full time gak tu..heee..)

Muke penat pas Futsal with Nora

Right after the last game we rushed back to Mun's house. Prepared for the lemang vs ketupat event. Mandi2 and rushed back to UCD. We were late la of course. The event Since we didn't get to meet during futsal coz he was too shy to enter the girls futsal area so we met after the lemang vs ketupat event. Met at the UCD's most beautiful area kot..the lake..haha..romantik ke? =P tak kot..
On the way back bumped into Kak Lyn and Atiq. Huhu...akhirnye jumpe pun Kak Lyn. Kat KMB tak smpat jumpe last2 jumpe kat Ireland..hee..tapi haritu Lutfi kawin smpatla jumpe jap kan..
The 2nd & 3rd night I slept at Trinity hall. Huu...what I can say is..Trinity hall sangat heaven. Yup, they are the luckiest peeps in Ireland. Tmpat selesa sangat..better than our Castlewhite la of course. But if JPA were to terminate the 60-40 payment, mungkin mereka paling seksa skali la..mahal woo...E500++ per month tuuu...

Jakun dalam tram.heee...kat Cork takdeee...
The next day Aimi, Ummi and Min (the Trinity peeps) brought me to town. Jenjalan..busy town. Lots of nice shopping place. At first we were supposed to go to Msian Hall for some event but cancelled the plan coz we were too busy shopping =P Di Cork, I dunno why but we Corkians have this some kind of severe kedekut nye attitude in spending. Seriously. Datang Dublin smua Corkians cam bajet2 je. Beli ape pun share! huu...But in Dublin I don't mind wasting spending my euros..berbelanja tanpa waswas! Hahahaha..but I didn't buy much. I invested for 2 nice discounted puma and nike shoes and it costed me only E66. Sangat murah okayhhh??? And this is thankful #5. Mak oih..duduk Dublin mmg lupekan je la harapan nak saving....

Us at Mun's house

The last day at Dublin I cooked a salt-less Bihun goreng for them. Heee...One of the many good things in Dublin - the Asian food are cheaper than ours. Kicap Kipas Udang dier murah 50cent than ours okayh that's not fair!!!!!!! Rushed to the Busaras (station bus)..luckily we took tram instead of waiting for the bus. The street were closed coz of the Dublin Marathon!!
Departed from Dublin at 10++ reached Cork at 2++ Had to call for the rescuers - Alya and Adilah to help me with my stuff. Kaki saye sakit terlampau. Alamakk...muscle ape tuu...smalam dah tanye Alya name muscle dier..sakitt...- perhatian saye tak blaja lower limb lagi tau sbb tu tak brape tau. (alasan!)
My E66 shoess...heee...

In a nutshell my trip to Dublin was meaningful and full of fun. Regardless of what ppl wud want to say or wud want to think, I came to Dublin to meet up me frens...erm..nuff said. And kesimpulan dari the thankful-ness ialah in Dublin, it's all about money..haihh..
Dublin, i'll definitely come back before summer holiday...Byk kedai souvenir woo...sape nak souvenir cpat2 angkat tangan!!!

P/S : parcel saye da dapat. me mom gave me this 2 photos. uwaaaa...super sedih...I put them on the wall together with me bro's card - huu..penuh dgn nasihat!


iDa said...

nad.aku tgh angkat tangan! hehee

adrenaline said...

alamak....u play futsal kat sane??POWER LA....hehehe

n Z r A said...

ida : heeee...okay2..terus angkat tangan sampai tahun depan okayhhh

adrenaline : i rindu nak men futsal kat sejuk2 pun jadi la..

redza said...

dik! apekah kejadahnya bermain attacking goallie. tak mewarisi keronaldinhoan abang langsung. btw, gambar2 dihantar disnap oleh canon powershot g7. softcopy gambar is on the way. abang save dalam tamdraif yg diorder. gambar tersebut abang belum dikuruskan lagi oleh photoshop. so kalau post kat sini akan mengurangkan chance untuk mendapat awek pengacara nona.. sila consider.. maseh

n Z r A said...

alamak bang..sbnanye adek kire ayam tambatan la. pemain harapan so cam kena maen smua position. tapi adek sumbat goal gak ar. ade la 3-4 goals dalam 6 game tu..
softcopy gambar dah ade di ireland tapi kakak tu tak balek cork lagi. dier keje kat mane tah. next week baru dier kasi.
sile jgn tipu org dgn photoshop. tp takpe..gmbr tu masih blur2 and ia merupakan gambar dlm gmbr so abg still boleh argue dier nye angle dan lighting kalau awek pengacara nona mempersoalkan kekurusan abang.
jersi ireland adik tunggu winter sale murah skit. maseh..