October 02, 2007

Limerick + PPMC Iftar + Life update + New Resolution

Erghhhh...saye demam...batuk2...
tak suke batuk2.........

Okay so how do we go about this..too many stories..

Last Friday went to Kak Yan/Kak Nang's house. Had scrumptious mouth watering nasi lemak. Thanks kakaks2!! But sorry the pixies are censored. Girls' stuff only =P

On Saturday we went to Limerick. The seniors rented cars and drove us there. It took about a hour n half from Cork. And to my surprise my "cured" motion sickness were reactivated. I felt dizzy throughout the journey (Cork-Limerick).

Reached Limerick at about 2. Went to King's Castle..

The Kings & Us..ngehehehe

My new circle of frens..
Saye tak ajar Adilah jd begituuuuu...saye tak ajar dier buat pouting lips tuuuuuu..
Sila sengetkan kepala anda. Malas nak rotate

Kings at War. and the Queens were camwhoring. =P

Us and the kakak2

Big thanks to the seniors - Kak Aimi, Kak Saadah, Kak Azraa, Kak Jamilah, Kak Asma for the trip. And also to the Limerick ppl for having us. To name a few Kak Azy, Kak Aini, Kak Riza and the others. We had delicious grilled sheep + nasi ermm..nasi apetah and gulai ayam. deliciousssss!!!!

Me & Aishah - one of the doctor's daughter. Windu nak jage baby...huhuhu

I didn't sleep..or actually I forced myself not to fall asleep during the journey back to Cork coz I was quite worry. It was a dark and foggy nite. A bit worried if Kak Aimi was sleepy ke..tak nampak jalan ke..huhuhu..

On Sunday we went to the masjid for the PPMC iftar. Went to Lidl (a super ke? market) before that and unfortunately one of us (us = juniors : seniors) was annoyed by anak2 dol disini. Her hijab was pulled off by one of them. But Alhamdulillah...her hijab was tightly her aurah wasn't exposed..

Anyway during the iftar we managed to see other Muslim in Cork. Two words to describe : Diversity. Wonderful!
Mihah, Arafah & yours truly...

Kak Yan, Aishah (ke?) & half of my eyes...
Kak Yan...saye dah letak gambar akak~~ hehehe..
Aiseyh tak nampak plak orang2 laen..

Yesterday, I managed to *successfully* make a chicken soup. It was nice. Sedap tauuuu...huhuhu...

And I also had the first house meeting. It's hard to gather all 6 of us especially at nite. I was always with my girls - cooking, terawih, tadarus but last nite managed to get back at my apartment earlier. We discussed about the chores. The food compartments. The rotation. I'm glad to have understanding housemates. And they are not so spoilt like Mihah's and Wany's. They can do household chores. ANd they like to bake! Ohhh...slamat..

A big thanks to the seniors for being there for us. Had it not because all of you, we wouldn't be able to smile up until this moment....

And I think it's time for me to detach from the uncertainties. I'm moving on to a new journey..
Wish me luck. >.<

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mad redo1 said...

hey... it is good to see you are settling down well... it is good to be among muslims from different country, kan? it will broaden your perspective...

have a good one...