October 13, 2007


Last Thursday we had a study group with Kak Yan & Kak Muna. I tell u...the seniors are super-kind & cool. They came here all the way just to teach make sure we aren't lost...

On the way back to my room, I bumped into a girl, who doesn't look okay. She was drunken, to be precise..
I dunno why but I invited the girl for a cup of tea. It was dangerous y'know. She might kill me she might rob me but I dunno why but I just let the girl in without any worries..

No, actually the worriness started soon after the girl stepped into my kitchen - she might grab a knife and point it out to me or I was kinda worry + inferior..tarik cawan pun cover2 takut2 nampak pisau..
But nothing happened. When I was preparing the tea for her she asked me this one single question that dragged us to a 30 mins conversation :

"Have u ever been in LOVE?"

I was dumbfounded. Mengapakah gadis mabuk ini mengeluarkan soalan aneh sedemikian rupa. And right there at the moment I knew the girl was brokenhearted.

And so the girl went on with her pitiful story. How she fell for a guy, Tyco Donahue, but she didnt have enough guts to confess, she wrote an anonymous poem to the Tyco Donno-who guy and he read it out in the class, how handsome he is, how deep her love for that guy...yada yada bla bla...

Obviously the girl's self confidence were vanished away just because of that Tyco guy. She kept on telling that she's ugly..she's horrible and stuff..she's been liking that guy since 13, and now she's 19.
6 tahun membazir keremajaan utk sesuatu yang menyakitkan..oh..apakah itu cinta (yucksss busuk gler statement)
And that nite was the first time she had too much drink that she couldn't even stand up straight..
Pity girl, aite?

In the middle of the conversation my housemate, An with her friend, Yvonne went into the kitchen and heated up the conversation.

So we adviced the girl to look for other fishes. GO fishing. She might find a lobster...or maybe some sharks. But she need to get over that Tyco Donno-who fish.

The chat went on and on and on, even after the girl left our kitchen to her room coz she was too dizzy.

And out of nowhere we jumped into a very..I must say...menarik topic. Bridging the gap. I explained to An & Yvonne what is Ramadhan and how we have to fast from morning till the evening..yada yada bla bla...

In a nutshell, perbuatan aneh leads to an interesting experience

tapi jangan buat selalu...bahaya woooo~

tapi kan...awwwhh...malu lah saye...ketika gadis itu meracau-rapu...she told me "oh you're pretty..u have pretty eyes..pretty..bla bla"
err..orang mabuk mengarut ke cakap jujur ek?
hehehehehe.. hurts.. kan?


Tengku Atique said...

hahahaha God u're funny. diorang cakap jujur!! :D (atiq, bodek-mode)

mad.redo1 said...

interesting stuff gurl... most of the time being drunk would reveal all the innermost thoughts the person has... so now you know... hehehe...