October 08, 2007

Hujan lebat pagi2 habis basah tudung saye!!

This morning we had a SPECIAL WAKE UP CALL by the fire alarm. Yup..a longggggggg siren indeed. After few minutes of discussing and a phone call from Wany I finally went downstairs and to my surprise the firemen were there already. *oh kalo bebetul ade kebakaran sure dah rentung* With sleepy and bored faces, mr firemen went on to do their compulsury checkups - tiada kebakaran, and we returned to our apartment.
Ceh buat saspen je..

How was my ayam bakar? Perfecto yummy2!! Bet i'll score my 2nd degree (Bachelor Degree of Cooking, specialities in Meat & Poultry) with flying colours! The next day we had to prepare for the bazaar Ramadhan. What did we sell? DONUT NAZAM LEBARAN, POPIA DENDANG PERANTAU and the special ROTI CASTLEWHITE- under the supervision of Chef Nad! Our kuihs were not so extravagant- just the ordinary ones but the feelings we put into during the making of the kuihs made it special. Ktorang bukak lagu raye tau sambil memasak!! Anyway the bazaar was organised to raise fund for our old factory-turned-into-a-MASJID. Our selling was okay, tapi terletak harga rendah skit..Adeyhla...

On the way back from the masjid (a longggg way back - 40 mins walking distance) we were annoyed by bunch of kids. Mereka membaling batu2 kecil kearah kami and the size of the rocks got bigger towards the end..these are the kids of black area - a housing area which is resided by the unemployed ppl. So basically the govt provides houses for them, but not education for the kiddos. Jadi mereka...spt...kurang bertamadun sedikit..

P/S 1: Aidilfitr is just a few days ahead. I'm gonna breakdown that's for sure...
P/S 2: UK & Spain trip - I'm in! Hopefully this is goin to be a fun one...*haish*
P/S 3: Aih..comel plak mamat di depan ini..hahaha
P/S 4: Batuk saye tidak pulih lagiiiiiiii....
P/S 5: Mahu bace physiology! Saye tidak mahu mendapat markah 8.5 per 20 lagiiiiiiiiii...tidddaaaaakkkkkkkkk
P/S 6: Saye rindu kawan2 saye. Kawan2 SMSS saye. tapi mereka seperti tidak rindu saye punnnn. takpelah saye diam sahajelah~

teruntukmu hatiku
inginku bersuara
merangkai semua tanya
imaji yang terlintas
berjalan pada satu
tanya slalu menggangguku
seseorang itukah dirimu kasih

kepada yang tercinta
inginnya ku mengeluh
semua resah di diri
mencari jawab pasti

akankah seseorang yang kuimpikan kan hadir
raut halus menyelimuti jantungku

cinta hanyalah cinta
hidup dan mati untukmu
mungkinkah semua tanya
kau yang jawab

dan tentang seseorang
itu pula dirimu
ku bersumpah akan mencinta

1 comment:

Ida said...

hey,i miss u tooooooooooo lahhh nadz!so much.
cume lately bz with final exam.
errrhh~and esok gonna be the last day tp sangat kejam sebab ade 2 killer paper.
n next few days, RAYA!
omg,recently it hits me how different raya is gonna be this year. kamu tiada.uhh :( :'(
i was on the phone with wani last few days.we talked about to celebrate.who's home to go in the list.
we do feel the emptiness w/out u since every year your home will be the 1st to stop by n normally u r the 'PERANCANGGGG(bak kata affan)~' ;p
sometimes i find myself secretly hoping and wishing that u would make a suprise appearance only for this raya, which is hahaaha totally impossible kan? baru bape ari je kat sana.hihi
but since it's totally impossible,i'm thinking of getting u on YM on raya morning or night.bule? :)

aiyoo oke i guess i sound pretty melancholy.i should stop,n concentrate on the notes for tomorrow's exam.
wish me luck!

p/s: selamat memasak chef nad!!