October 04, 2007

Of updates and life..

Of first International letter Here in Eire, I usually receive letters from banks or the castlewhite management and receiving letters excites me no more. Anyhow yesterday was different. I received my first international letter from my dear homesick fren puan nabun. It was posted from Malaysia but I guess by now she's settling down in Bristol oledi. Hope u r doing well dude..Cepat contact aku if u are reading this. Anyway thanks a lot. InsyaAllah...ku jawab pantun jawimu nanti..cpat kasik aku alamat!!!

Of crazy classmates

In my 43-people class there are almost 10 international student..well more..maybe but the recognisable (read : recognisable = slightly/totally different colours) ones are around 10 or so. I dunno why but maybe because we usually sit close to each other during lectures so we sort of blend in well. Including this 2 botswana guys. oh..mereka sangat melucukan. Mereka dikenali ramai juga..huhu...they make jokes. about their so-called intelligent pill which happened to be some kind of mentos ke apetah. serta pelbagai lagi lawak aneh yg dilakukan. But the Kuwaitians boys are more quiet. More focused i must say. Muke seriousss sahaja..

Of Dental Hospital Visit.

Yesterday was our first visit to the Dental Hospital of Cork University Hospital. It takes 20 mins walking from Brookfield (health science complex where I had most of my lectures) and about 30 mins walking from Castlewhite. It was tiring- yes. But i'll take it as a form of exercise. ngeee...The visit was really an eye-opening. Finally some dental stuff to be played with (well..not literally lah). The seniors took us around the hospital. Visited the clinics, labs..oh sangat menarik. Looking forward for my clinical years oledi..ngehehehe...After the tour and briefing we had our 3 hours lecture. *yawn* Started of with Fundamental of Dental Practice. Moved on with the Dental Material lecture. Half way thru my throat hurts badly that I coughed incessantly. Excused myself from the lecture since I might be distracting the class from listening to the oh-so-soft lecturer's voice. Went out...and the dying cough lasted for few minutes..Re-entered the lecture with reddish eyes and face and toughened up myself to go thru the last lecture - History of Dentistry *triple yawn*

Soon after the lecture ended, I headed to Wilton Tesco (seberang jalan sahaja) and dropped by at the Boots Pharmacy. Surrendered my €5.99 for the cough syrup...huuu...

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