November 01, 2014

Dari dapur kakjiah

Since my return to Malaysia, I never cook as much as I did back in Cork. But I actually enjoyed cooking a lot. Sometimes when I get to watch television (yes, I don't watch tv that much these days) my favourite channel is 727, the Food Network Channel. So sometimes when I miss cooking, I will roll up my sleeves and start whipping up something in the kitchen...

So these are some food that I whipped up in my kitchen recently..

This is actually a technically problem caramel pudding. I mistook yellow colourant for vanilla essence so it came out yellower than normal. LOL. But the taste was alright!

This is my version of healthy breakfast. Poached egg with grilled tomato and fried tuna.

My rendition of megi goreng and this was from only a packet of Mamee's Maggi and that's a lot. The best megi goreng for me was from mamak restoran ABC that was closed down few years ago. Never had any megi goreng better than theirs..

Deconstructed Shepherd's Pie! Saw somebody uploaded a picture of the pie so I tried to recreate one that can be done without an oven so come this deconstructed version. 

My version of Chicken Rice which I named it Chicken Rice JDTolongmenang because this was done yesterday and Team JDT is playing this weekend I really hope they win with hope that we get to get a free holiday this Sunday. Luls. Back in Cork I tried adding in sesame oil to chicken rice and it tasted goooooood. It was hard to get a good Chicken Rice here, so far my favourite is Nasi Ayam Cun at Taman Shamelin Perkasa and their soup is really good. So I tried to do a chicken rice which is rich with sesame oil fragrant and taste with good soup and I think I managed to whip up something quite nice, and it was approved by someone else :P

Dah pass kan nak kawen? OK now time to find a husband.KBAI

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