November 23, 2014

Done with the runs for 2014

Can safely say I am done with my runs for the year 2014. Time to prepare my leg under the knife in January. Wanted to speed up the surgery but hmm guess it's no nice to take too long of an MC in new place, no?
Best run : Million Women Marathon. My fitness and leg was tiptop. I recorded my best 10km. My first ever 10k. All was good

Worst run : PBIM. Very demotivated, I almost gave up.

Most painful run : SCKLM. I literally ran beating the pain on my right knee and my left knee gave out at the end of the race, maybe because I overuse it. But I still managed to finish the run. Second one would be Run for Peace because I ran on my 2nd day of menses and I had quite a stomach cramp.

Most uneventful run : Pink Charity Run. Boorrring. Not quite organized and afterall it was only a charity run. But the medal was nice so that was okay to me I supposed

Most enjoyable run : Rock to Rock by HRC. Beautiful view. Very nice run. Short but sweet escape to Penang :)

Here's to 2015. Hope I can try doing my first HM next year and try a trail run?

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