November 25, 2014

Ticked :D

So I met my friend. As expected he went hard on me. Dia cakap I need to know what I want.

Aku diam. Aku pun tak tau ape aku nak. Tapi aku tau ape aku rasa...aku rasa sedih.. Tapi talking to him is a temporary relief sebab dia pun ada kisah lebih kurang. Tapi jalan cerita lain. And it looks like it's heading to a better ending for him, as for now lah aku pun taktau dia pun as complicated as I am.

Akan tetapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I tried something I never tried before and I am dyinggggggg to try thanks to him! hehehehehehehehehheheehe choooo happyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Another thing I wanna do - ticked!

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