June 20, 2017

Mission accomplished

Alhamdulillah, I managed to khatam last night. Started to think that I am PMSing from my mood swings so I sped up my reading. Spent the weekend to do most of the reading thank God I was working day and night (sebab kalau dekat rumah tendency untuk tido je adalah tinggi 😏 )

Thought of doing something because I managed to achieve my target, I went for mission impossible after work yesterday. See, I have to be somewhere else by 8. So I have roughly 2-3 hours to accomplish my mission after work. Went to SSW to buy groceries, went home, change, pray, and started doing preparation. Around 6.10pm I started menumis and only poured the chicken in at around 6.35pm ( yes I was looking at the time, all the time!)

Just in time for maghrib, I started seasoning the rendang and it is ready to be eaten, just needed to thicken the kuah. By the time I left home around 8, the kuah is almost ready, so I instructed Kak Diah's helper to turn off the stove in 20 minutes times. When I arrived home at 10.15pm, I was happy because it is as what I imagined. Managed to whip up rendang ayam for my colleagues and my family. Mak and abang even went out of their norm from eating oats to eating rice for sahur today because they wanted to eat with the chicken rendang. And they said it was good so Alhamdulillah :D

I think I completed most of my raya checklist already. Soooo happy I managed to get the baju I wanted from Jalan TAR last week, and even at cheaper price from the first time I went.The first time I went, I waited 20 minutes for the salesguy to get my size but ended up with nothing. Hangin betul haku dahlah panas terik time tu. Teringat-ingat baju tu, I tried my luck again and finally got what I want. I was grinning ear to ear when the salesgirl handed me the correct size and baju. Murah RM30 pulak from the weekend price. 

Fixed my car also last week. No more annoying "check engine" sign turned on. It is smooth as how it was before. I can only enjoy RM40 from the bonus given by bangjib :(( because I had to pay the repairing cost but I am relieved. At least my baby is back to itself. Next time ada rezeki lebih nak fix the aircond belt pulak gila annoying kalau bunyi cit cit cit cit tu macam tengah menyeksa sekawan tikus dalam engine. Begitulah..

Akan tetapi, losing weight is still far from fetch. Ada hantu raya ke duduk dalam badan ni, I've tried to eat less this Ramadhan and the weight remained the same. Nak nangis rasanya tengok.......haish sedih mak nak.....

I need a good sleep to recover from the tiring past few days- worked day and night, pulled an all-nighter making honey cornflakes,  drove to KL to get cookies from Zack,jogging, merendang, working. Alhamdulillah, this Ramadhan has been good so far. Thank you Allah for this opportunity and health and time. 

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