June 17, 2017

Difficult Ones

I think I may have stepped on the wrong foot in my workplace today.

Today was a good day generally until tonight. Greeted by a guy who from the start shown symptoms of a problematic one. I've worked long enough to notice the difficult people.

Firstly, he doesn't like his head to be touched and requested for a cap to cover his head which we don't have. Dah tau kau tak boleh, kenapa tak bawa cap siap2? So he kept on moving his head when I'm assessing him which made it quite difficult. Time ni dah start panas dah.

So he had something which needed to be done something which he refused and requested for something else. I advised him the consequences- with hope he understands but chances are with this kind of people if problem arises they would blame us straight away. So I made it noted in my case note.

Next thing is he refused to pay the amount quoted saying he's a student he has no money bla bla bla. Here's a thing. He's a non- Malaysian, he's 54 and he told me he has worked at this area for 3 years so which part of no-money-student is that? Plus his appearance doesn't indicate he is penniless and he's even using one of Samsung's latest phone. My gut instinct told me he's not speaking the truth but we were intimidated by his built so we let him off with whatever he has in the wallet. I know orang susah when I see one and he definitely is not one.

Begitulah kisah bekerjaku di malam hari. Second "customer" pun a fussy one I tried to remain calm throughout this session. One hour before I can go back I hope the night remains uneventful.

Another thing that is bothering my mind is about my house. Somebody enquired about it but I don't effing have the pictures of the house. Requested it a while ago but still did not receive any and I have a potential tenant over here. Nak view tak boleh, gambar pun takde... Sabar je lah nak. Ya Allah, andai itu rezeki ku, kau permudahkanlah ya Allah.

We are already entering last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Some PMS symptoms have started to show so I need to speed up my Quran reading. Just started juzu' 25 hopefully I managed to khatam it before Aunt Flo comes.

Haih nasib malam tak puasa tergugat jugakla kesabaran dengan orang pelik-pelik ni. Can't wait to go back and start doing the honey cornflakes that my colleagues ordered. Harap dapat settle cepat so I can bangun for qiamullail later.

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