June 13, 2017

Halfway thru

We are well halfway thru Ramadhan 1438.

The past week mak was on surau duty so I breakfast alone, and I cooked almost everyday, which I enjoyed very much so because cooking is like an escapade for me. It takes away my mind from the serabutness for a while. Also, I enjoy cooking alone because no one tells me what's wrong or what's not to do, and I can cook anything to my likings. Some of my menus include salted egg dory fillet, bendi masak belacan (fav!), chicken grilled, salmon grilled, and spagheti masak lemak that I try to recreate and succeeded. Had this at a restaurant and enjoyed the taste tapi mine was a bit dry..and I had no daging salai so I settled with prawn and dory cutlets instead. Yums!

My spagheti masak lomak and roti john! Yumss.. Hard to find a hotdog bread this days so I settled with whatever bun that I can get. Kihkih..

Also, I went a lil bit extra this year and made the easiest kuih raya on the planet - cornflakes madu. Took me around 3 hours to finish 200 of 'em plus extra few which I baked on a normal try because I rant out of casings. It turns out goood and what made me even happier is Nayli my niece enjoyed it! Nothing felt better when people enjoy the thing you made. 

Made a few flavour, plain ones, with choc and coffee anddd mixed! 

Went to kubur last Sunday, and as per usual, went straight away to the ever famous Jalan Tar. It was friggin' hot and we spent almost 5 hours under the sun. Felt so dehydrated and ended up with headache that day. Only settled with RM50 last season's baju kurung modern. Kesayanganku si vios macam buat hal so I really need to be careful with my spendings. Sedia payung sebelum hujan katanya walaupun sekarang ni macam dah basah lencun kena hujan dah. Kahkah. But I'm glad I spared some money for Mak, boleh la belanja dia jubah 2 pasang. 

Spent my day yesterday mostly on the bed, on the couch. Finally had the rest I needed. Worked like a dog the week before so I need to recharge. 

18 Ramadhan today, I'm at juzu' 19 already so Alhamdulillah, I'm on track. Tapi takut this week terketinggalan sikit so I need to make sure I'll catch up.

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