June 05, 2017

All comes at once

Sebelum memulakan sesi luahan hati let's recap how's Ramadhan so far. Had a second round potluck at my place last Saturday and it was all good. Almost all made it, and it was like how it was from the years before :)

Currently on track with my Quran reading..already at juzu' 11. Need to keep this up so I can khatam by the end of Ramadhan.

I also worked extra hard this Ramadhan due to the fact that I'm traveling and buying another asset in few months. It is very tiring, i almost have no day off, my back is starting to kill me. Tonight while I was on my way back from my extra job, a news came in that made me dumbfounded for a while.

Nauzubillah dugaan romadhon apakah ini.

So...cut the story short I need to find a new tenant soon. The fact that I rented out my house without taking deposit took a major drawback when the house is gonna be vacant soon. So...all comes at once. I already worked my asses off to cover expenses for traveling and the new asset, then comes this....

Tau tak perasaan kau kerja teruk sampai sakit belakang only to receive this news?


Everything happens for a reason.

May things fall into places soon.

Or I might need to work day and night to cover the expenses and the debts. Sekarang pun dah penat macam apa dah ni.

May Allah ease me through this, help me Ya Rabb. :(

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