February 11, 2015

Ramble jumble

Payah nau nak come out with a post nowadays. Back then I can blog in 10 minutes in between classes or studying. La ni I've got so much to say in my head but when I open the publish page I'll just stare at the blank space not knowing how to even start.

Lately I have been so tired. Been frequenting the masseuse quite a lot. I am kinda addicted to it already. If it doesn't cost me bloody eighty-eight ringgit I would have gone to that place every week! One day when I am rich enough I am gonna hire my personal masseuse so I can get my fix whenever I need one. Pffft tah bile tah tu.

I think working with people has somewhat drain my energy faster. You see, my work requires me to deal with human being mostly. And they come with millions attitude that sometimes challenge your patience. Unlike working in office with papers or computers who don't talk back, my "work" sometimes come in with rude attitude, comes with bad temper, does not know what's the problem and expect me to magically cure the unknown problem or even does not say thank you. I may not have impending workload that I had to take back home but those workload going on during working time is enough to give me headache.

Tapi jalan ini I chose and I actually still can handle the stress and headache, But all I need right now is a quick getaway. Some time and some place to let go all this stresses on my shoulder. Need to rejuvenate. Thinking of Perhentian, really miss that place where it all started :') Gathering courage and strength to go there by myself. It's pretty safe right to go alone? Lagipun gemok cemni sapa nak kidnap. Kahhh..

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