February 06, 2015

A wishlist I don't know when will it be ticked off

Like I previously said, I have no new year resolution. I don't believe in it anymore. Hmpff. So I set myself a few wishlist, that includes getting a new "i-declare-it-as-expensive" handbag if I shed 8kg minimum! Killing two birds with a stone huh?

Another thing up on the list is to return to that part of the world that I have been missing so much - Eurotrip2015yawww. Working on it now. Working my arse off, do locums, cut off spendings as much as I could. Mak bawak bekal pegi keje nokss untuk lunch. Dih ngattt aih. Haha.. Well that was actually partly saving budget but hugely because I really hate going through the traffic to get my lunch..

Tapi tapi tapi...I have this one hope; that is to perform umrah. You see, I went there. Once. When I was 9. Went with my grandparents (AlFatihah Tok Haron and Tok Pisah, I miss you both so much) I still can remember it vividly, the part where we I got lost the first day I went there. The part where I lost my passport for a few hours. The part where abang never fails to buy ayam golek on the way back to the hotel room after we perform tawaf and saie. But I really wanna go there again.

What holds me off? Mahram, of course. Daddy has passed away long long time ago and my brother is now working in Italy which make it slightly impossible for him to go with me. ANd here I am still not married yet at 28, mahram-less.

One of the few places that I wanna go, insyaAllah if I ever get married and insyaAllah if time and rezki permits is the holy place Mecca.

InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. InsyaAllah. He knows better. He plans better.

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