February 01, 2015

Superb Salted Egg Squid @ Istana Bambu

I had this crazy craving of salted egg squid since two weeks ago and finally had the chance to satisfy my craving. We went to Istana Bambu in Jalan Ulu Kelang. I have been hearing about this place for a while but never got the chance or actually never really thought about going to the place until my company suggested this place for the salted egg squid.

The ambience of this place was cozy and nice enough. True to the name, the built up of the restaurant were based on..bamboos. There were some oldies songs playing on the background but my company and I both agreed the songs would be more enjoyable without somebody singing because it distracted the mood slightly. Later during our dinner they played some oldies music instead and that was much better.

The food? My salted egg squid was good. Like crazy good. 5 stars for that. The dried butter prawn was quite good too. However the chinese style steamed fish was so-so and the asparagus belacan was quite unnecessary as there were too many food on the table already. The price was okay-okay. Quite pricey but quite acceptable since we are, well dining in Keyell fancy-ish restaurant.

All in all I left with happy tummy yummy yummy. Grateful for the time and chance He created for us.

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