February 24, 2015

That phase..

 I am in the phase where I enjoy going outdoor so much. With the scorching hot weather...quite a bad timing huh? So I went hiking again last Sunday with the team.. It was quite a challenging trail, definitely more challenging than KDCF I would say but something a lil behind Broga because Broga's peak was quite tough I remembered almost getting someone lift up my butt up the rocks wtf.

The trail is somewhat different where you don't get to see views at the peak. The starting of the trail we go up the "entrance"/mukadimah (mukadimah only we sweat buckets already lulz), we were welcomed by the view overlooking the housing area...

Mukadimah of the trail!

Then we started the walk with a wider path..before going to a more knee-pain inducing trail.

The highest peak was actually a flat area..surrounded by trees so you can't really see the view.

All in all it was a good workout. Burned enough calorie to earn me a good plate of nasik lemak after that. Lulz. So much fail.

Looking forward to more hike after this. Bole la join trail run next year kahkah kbai

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