February 20, 2015

Cuddling With Mr Nature

Went for a walk to Kota Damansara Community Forest this morning. Wouldn't call it a hike because it was not quite as challenging as Broga or hiking up Sg Chiling but it was a good light workout.

I was there two weeks ago with the JK1M team. But I had quite a pretty tight schedule so I had to pass going to second trail. So this time around I went for a different, further trail.

The place was maintained by a group of community and they kinda paved the trail and made few signs to show directions that's why I was quite confident to go there despite being only 2nd time here..

 I read up a bit and found there's another new trail, Sahabat which is more interesteing but my companies aren't too keen on spending too much time on the trail this morning, perhaps busy with other stuff I guess later on..

We chose the Temuan trail and took us about 1.5 hours to complete it

Tried my Salomon shoes after months of buying it..finally putting it into good use :)

It was a nice, refreshing morning 

And..finally found out how to check the calorie counter after months of buying it..lulz

Burned 372kcal this morning that's not too bad I guess.

Went home straight away after the walk. Pretty sad we didn't get to have a breakfast after the walk. I was craving for some good nasi lemak but my companies, again wanted to go home straight away.

It's different these days. Can't really spend too much time with my circles anymore. Everyone too busy with their own stuff. Well, guess I am the one left with no direction or destination yet in life so I have to be left behind I supposed..

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