January 11, 2008

Maaf mood yang baek tiada dalam perkhidmatan

Who would expect you'll be receiving a whole lot of unpleasant news in a day..One after another in a packed day where my 1st class started as early at 8.30 in the morning? No..that's just too much to be handled..

First of all next term starting date would be on 22nd of September, which is only about 9/10 freaking days from Aildilfitri. That news alone is enough to send my good mood away for a few days. There go the chance of celebrating Raya with my family =( It was such a close..miss. And this, together with several supporting factors (ie. the people) sparked my hatred towards this little, ulu place called Cork. Terasa nak membenci Cork serta seluruh isi-isinya. They are just freaking annoying.

Towards the evening, the gloomy day got worsened. The new timetable I got from Jill, my class rep has just made me gloomy-er. The packed is getting packer. No more Monday and Friday rest. No more 2-4 hours class per day. I know being a dental student, i shouldn't be expecting a free lala days..but..i dunno. Maybe because today is just being my another bad tudung day so yeah, lets get pissed off with every annoying thing happen today.

I also would love to ramble on how I don't like being forced doing things I don't really favour. Yeah, kenyataan macam bagus but sorry, everything seemed to happen oh the wrong day jadi saya rase nak memberontak dgn smua benda. Plss..dun make me do something that I dun want. And it is soOoOoo..tiring to act things are OK when it is not. Nak tarik my muscles of facial expression to pull a nice smile requires a lot of ATP! And to lure me to do something with another hidden agenda, using reverse psychology ka apa ka, adeh..this things won't work with me actually. Fine I'll do if u insist but u'll see the masam-est face I ever pull.
Yeap, saya mmg tak baek, who said I am in the 1st place?

Hence the last thing I would want to do today is SOCIALIZING. I would love to keep out from meeting ppl during these bad days to avoid both parties being hurt and angry.

On other notes, it was such a pleasure time during my dissection class today. Best je tengok my demostrator gerudi the face and me hammering the mandible (bone of your lower jaw). A great stress relief, but the bad thing is done before the stress comes!

At the end of the day soon after my physiology class ended, it wasn't pouring as hard as yesterday. Just a steady drizzle. And there was a rainbow. A big one indeed.
Maybe it's a sign from Yang Maha Esa that there's always a good thing behind those bad ones.

Rainbow. Sea. nice, clean flowing River. there always never fail to make me feel better. Why does brainy things always make me feel the total effect these brainless things gave me?

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