January 10, 2008


I am an umbrella a.k.a. saya sekaki payung

Hi. My name is Pumba. Initially my owner wants to name me Brella, more feminine and pleasant but since my service didn't last longer than she expected, she decided to change. I'm half Malaysian half Irish. This is because I was born in Ireland and been raised by a Malaysian. I was sold in Penneys (also known as Primark in UK, I dunno y the UK-ians get better name).

As i told u before, my service didn't last long like what my owner expected. With this kind of Irish weather, how would u expect me to last long? It's always rainy and windy. I am built to be water-proof but I couldn't withstand strong wind. So since 2 days ago, I flipped a lot . A lot means a lot. Every time the fierce, strong wind blows I flipped like Marilyn Monroe's famous skirt blowing scene. Yeap, exactly like that. I am so sad because my owner cursed me a lot. Furthermore, today she wore a hoodless jacket (it's actually a hooded jacket but she detached them coz it's a Penneys jacket and the buttons always popped out whenever they want so she detach them coz it looked awkward with the buttonless hoody). So she was soakin wet today. As wet as dipping yourself into the swimming pool.

Oh by the way I'm not her 1st . My previous friend was Sucent (pronounced as Suzan), because she was purchased at Student Centre at twice and half the price of the same umbrella sold in Euro 2. The picture below is Sucent and yes, we do look so similar because of the horrible quality of cameraphone of my owner. She's planning on getting a new one by the way but she has to wait for another 5 months to get them since she wants to buy them in her home country, Malaysia. My owner really couldn't wait to go back home that I think what's left on her in Ireland is her body and a small part of her mind. The rest are in Malaysia already. Oh Sucent actually have black and grey stripes on her.
Since the starting of my service, I always go wherever my owner goes (but she didn't bring me along to Spain and UK during her winter trip T_T). So I do go to classes and that makes me an educated umbrella despite the short life span I have. Oh disebabkan nak cerita psl isu sensitif saye perlu tukar bahasa. Semakin hari, bahang racism/kumpulanism/kronism dikelas semakin terasa. Tuan saye tidak suke akan perkare itu. Dia benci. Benci ssangat. Tp whatever je lah. Let's hope things will get better after this.

Oh my owner is so nice she sealed my broken part with selotape!!I know...actually she needs me for another 2 days before she could go to town to buy my replacement. She no longer has classes in the Dental hospital due to the packed schedule she had this term so she can't go to Wilton Tesco to buy my new replacement yet. She is quite happy that she doesn't have to walk very far away to the hospital during this unexpected Irish winter weather...

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