August 22, 2014

To all Malaysians, welcome home

During my five years abroad the thing that I look forward to every summer time is going back home to the family and friends. Tickets have been bought as early as March and we always put that as our motivation as we go through the stressful examination weeks.

Throughout my five years of traveling to and fro Ireland-Malaysia my choice of airline is none other than our very own Malaysian Airlines. I have once flew a neighbour country airline. The flight was comfortable, I think the legroom is a bit more spacious and we even got our own inflight packages but nothing beats the homely feeling and the warmth of the crews of MAS.

After fighting with exams and settling clinical requirements we go on counting days to the departure. Journey back home requires a transit and we fly from Cork to either Heathrow or Amsterdam. My personal choice of airport is Amsterdam as it gives out more friendly vibe compared to Heathrow. 1 hour from Cork following transit of 2 to 4 hours we finally see the boarding sign on the display.

The moment we stepped onboard we are already greeted by the wide smiles of the crews. Berita Harian, Utusan, News Straits Times are prepared by the door of the aircraft and that made us feel all giddy up inside having to touch something 'home' after a while. The crews never fail to help us with our overweight hand luggages as they are being lifted up into the compartments. As everything goes into place, the flight boarded and we are finally on the way back home :)

The inflight meals aren't the most delicious food you ever tasted but they are served by the ever patience crews who would go to every passengers enquiring beef or chicken, nasi lemak or western, spaghetti or they serve the delicious bun and pouring juices they maintain the smile although God knows how tired they are of doing the same thing countless times.

As we arrive, the pilot will greet us "...and to all Malaysians, welcome home" A single most powerful line that brushes away the tiring thirtheen hours journey.

Words may fail me but trust me MAS has always been so close to my heart and forever will have my support. For whatever unfortunates that have fallen onto MAS's shoulder this year, I will always stand by your side. .

To all crews and passengers of MH17, welcome home.

Al Fatihah.

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ArELeEz said...

malaysians are all here to 'welcome' u.. mh17..