August 23, 2014

My boring weekend

One of those rare weekend that I am stuck in Pontian simply because I am oncall this week. Oncall in Pontian is nothing like JB. It is very much calmer but you really can't predict what could happen over the week..

I was doing locum on Friday so it went pretty quickly. Had a call at 4.30pm for a case of 5 years old being knocked down by a cow (YES, MY SECOND COW VS HUMAN CASE WHAT'S WITH MY LUCK EH?) and he sustained a 5cm laceration wound on the cheek and a degloving injury intraorally. The laceration wound on the cheek was simple but the degloving injury gave me a bit headache but I managed to heck it anyway. So thankful the case came when I was finishing my locum because I spent like 2 hours stitching up the boy T________T

It is the time on the month but I managed to force myself to wake up and go for a run today. My weight has been skyrocketting within this few months so I have to do something. Spent a good hour running and fastwalking at the mini stadium and by the seaside. Managed to beat the stomach cramp I am so happy with myself because the last time I ran 10km with stomach cramp I could barely run!

Morning from Pontian :)
Went to do some groceries right after the run and went back home. Made a simple breakfast and straightaway rolled my sleeves up and spent a good 4 hours doing total house cleaning. Cleaned my room, mopped the floor, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen. It was about 2pm when I finished cleaning I was too tired to even stand. Fried some simple mihun for lunch and tried to sleep but failed miserably..

After several failed attempts to sleep I went out for a sightseeing but was back home half an hour later because there's really nothing much to do in Pontian -__-" So I decided to prep my dinner and managed to prepare ayam paprik and sup sayur to bring to work tomorrow..

Grilled tomatoes, half boiled egg and grilled tuna for breakfast. Omelette with ayam paprik and rice for dinner..

After dinner I had another case of post extraction bleeding. Thank God it was a simple one and I went alone without my assistant and managed to come back home after 45 minutes.

It was quite a boring weekend for me as compared to the always busy weekend I had back home. But not for long now.... Thank God I had Domok accompanying me all along :D
Domok says HI!

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