August 21, 2014


Parts and parcels of my job as a dental officer in MoH includes community service like this. Talks to all sorts of people at all levels.

I always have passion working with people. I like helping people making their lives better. The smile on my patient's face after receiving treatment is like a booze to me. I may only be a Dentist that works at only a portion of human's body but I am truly blessed for having this opportunity to help other people.

But my career plan will not stop at where I am right now. I will work my way up. Some time in the future, I will be sitting in a better place. Maybe in my own clinic. Maybe in my own specialist room. Maybe in front of my future students. And hopefully happy in the arms of my future family with my kids.


Come what may, Allah is the best planner. Putting my faith on Him to decide what is the best for me and may with every difficulties He places along the way, He will also grant me strength by the side.

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