August 08, 2014

New company

Meet my new company...Mr D. Domok on good days..Dickhead on bad ones! Lol.

Still dreaming on that bed-sized teddy.... As for now let me just be happy with my half-a-bed-sized Domdoms alright?

My birthday has always been a big deal for me...That's just me and my weaknesses for making it a big deal. I tend to get either really sad or really happy on my birthday. Last year was on spot, jackpot! I had all I need to make me happy.

As for this year.....not quite a hit I must say. But I am still thankful I had my mak aunties uncles and cousins singing bday song for me at 12 o' few hundreds from abang despite him not wishing me on that day itself and a great friend who took all the trouble to sing me my bday song. And of course my belated,precious bday gift who just came today..

Dah tua2 pun perangai camni kan? Sori laaaaa that's just my weakness, alright.

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