April 27, 2012

Chronic Indecisivitis

One thing about me is - I'm a freakin indecisive person ever. Like. Ever ever. I hate making decisions. I wish we can make decisions in our life just by rolling the dice and just effin deal with the consequences of the choice later.

So today we had to like..send 5 patients of which 1 will be presented in our oral exams. We also have to rank the patient, which one we are confident to present the best. So basically choice no 3,4,5 are just random pt we throw in just know..fill the gap. I was having hard time which one is patient 1 which is patient 2. One of them is kinda play safe, nothing too biggie, just normal range of treatment. The other is a more extensive treatment and I would love to present what I did because I think I have done kind of a major change to him. But the problem is his case is quite unfinished and I'm not sure what the finish product will look like. I still have time before exam to finish up stuff with him tp..tulah..haishk..

Went to Dr B this morning to send in the patients' charts. Still undecided. He told me to just rank them, and continue studying and stop thinking about them. "It will hurt your brain if you don't stop thinking", he said.

Now I'm sitting down, ranting about this and feel like changing the rank again. Oh no.

I'm sure he won't let me touch the charts ever again.
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