April 30, 2012


Yesterday I was feeling rather nostalgic so spent my night reading back my posts back in 1st and 2nd year. Ok tipu sebenarnya otak jam dah malas nak study so I procrastinate. Petang tu dah jam gi masak la apa la..

Dang I was much happier back then. Tone blog pun best je takde depressing ala ala diary org psycho cam skereng. And I noticed..I exercised a lot back then! Gigih naik beskal malam2 gi Mardyke. Sigh..nowadays the only "exercise" I get is from going to and from hospital to my home. Terukkkkkk gila!!!!!!!!

I was also very clueless back then. Kawan 5 orang nak datang masak nasik 5 periuk!! Hahahaha amendeeee tah. Lepastu makan pun jaga mesti kena ada sayur sume tp sekarang? Sighhh..tak terjaga..can't quite remember when I eat a proper sayur. Maybe dlm nasik kerabu mania stream..gagaga..

25 days to go. Harap2 my happiness will slowly come back nnt. Right now I can't lie..the only happy time I get is from watching youtube/tv series. Itu pun temporary je. Lain suma..aiyoh..susah betul nak rasa happy sekarang.

I promise if I get through this safe and sound I'll pay more attention and start living healthily. And promise I will be happier :)

Tp smalam mimpi yg buat saya happy. I don't know who you are...but I do hope you exist and we do meet ;)
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