March 09, 2008

Mahfuzah Ruselan

Lagu cam takde kaitan, tapi abaikan =D

Happy 21st Birthday Fuzah~~

mesti dia rase cool pakai shades ni kan. muahahaha =P

U should know her from my previous post.

To the one who've always been holding me down
From back then to now in my story
Straight from the hood
She's always been there for me

I pray to God..
Please give her health and strength
Please grant her happiness and wealth
And please, do give her chance to further her studies somewhere near to me
For life without her is somewhat a misery T_T

P/S : Glad that she still celebrated her birthday despite the God-knows-what-problem-she-had-but-she-doesn't-tell-me.

My birthday this year, I wish I could run away as far as I could and I would celebrate it all by myself. I'll try not to disappoint myself, wishing and longing for people to wish/celebrate me. I'll buy my own cake. I'll sing my own birthday song. I'll give my own gift. As pathetic as it sounds, this whole birthday celebration thingy means a lot to me. I like celebration. That's why I held it for other ppl. I like gifts and surprises. That's why I gave it to other ppl. As far as I could remember, the only time surprise party I had was last year, by my dear KMB friends during my trip to Kelantan, and also by my roomies back in 2004. So be sad no more, my dear self =)


mad redo1 said...

I had a lecturer by the name of mahfuzah for one semester, or two? do not know her birthday though...

anyway, happy birthday to this fuzah of yours... wish her to be able to overcome the she-won't-tell-you problem soon...

iDaz said...

hohoo saye dan nadia nazirah datang jumpa fuzah smalam! :D