March 15, 2008

The haunted room

Ladies and gentlemen,

What do you feel, after such a long and tiring day, u walk into your house with the hope to have a good rest but instead found out that your kitchen is in a big mess and knowing that only u and only u alone left to handle it?

The so-called pembersih omputeh. Kabluek gle tipu!!!

Let's have a close-up. Tons of plates, glasses, cups.

I don't think they even planned to do it later. Most of them are going back home over the weekend. Unless they consider later as Sunday or Monday.


This is the living room area. Lying low on the floor is Mr Roger Moore. A naked man who always there along with any of their birthday celebrations. Yeap, I mean really naked with all those unnecessary protruding stuff and lots of chess hair. Sometimes they give him some clothes but most of the times he is as what he is. The partial poster is a poster of Audrey Hepburn. The balloons are for one of my external housemate's 18th birthday celebration. 18. Patut aa perangai cam kekanak lagi. But if u see the alcohol intake and cigarettes they have, u won't really believe they are only 18y-old girls. Oh ya, the partially captured sofa is also called as the sex couch. Go figure urself why it is called so...

Ballons, TV, Roger Moore, and the partial S couch

This is why I loathe upon going to the kitchen during weekdays. This is their major room. Watch tv all the day and eat and drink on the way. Everything within 2-3 footsteps. Easily reached easily done.

This room used to be very peaceful during weekend. I used to study on the table coz I really need a bigger space for my books. But recently it has also turned out to be a bilik kelamin for some people too. Bahagiaaaaaa hidup 'suami isteri' bagai itu rumah mereka yang empunya....

That's why I spent the whole weekend studying in Brookfield. Haihh.....can't wait to go out from this place...

Oh by the way today we made an appointment with a lady landlord (or should it be landlady??). Hopefully everything will go well....

I don't usually be this bitchy. But yeah, I reached my boiling temperature and I just need to explode.


Lily.Lulu. said...

kalau aku hangin ok tengok dapor yang bersepah2 mcm itew ...

kalau xde org nak bersihkan .. sape lagi kan ..

ada org tau guna, tapi x reti nak membersih dan mencuci nya ..

psss .. gelas lurve tuh cantik
hahaha !


n Z r A said...

hahaha..smpat lagi usha glass love2...

kan lily kan...rase nak lemppppang je org2 tuuu...eeee