March 14, 2008

When ignorant speaks...

I know the past few days Malaysian people has been talking about the "IT" thing. Almost every blog I hopped on are talking about that. And yet in my blog I never even uttered a word about it. Am I an ignorant? Do I not care about my country?

The truth is, I do care. I followed almost 75% of the election. I browsed through the results and kept on refreshing the website for later updates of the results on the day itself.
I just don't know how to comment on that.

5 countries has been takeover by the so-called Pembangkang. No I don't really like that word. If they are the pembangkangs would not that make my dear Selangor country a country of pembangkangs? That doesn't sound good, at all =P So let's call them erm...the new ruler.

From what I read and observed this "wave of change" (pssttt..kak dayah ciloks ayat =P) is a translation of people's hope upon seeing a new Malaysia with less snob and corrupt politician and a more stable country with stable oil price and toll fare. Now these are not the sole reasons, I know. They are just my opinion that I summed up from what I read from the blogs and forums and segala whatnots in the net. I do agree in some parts here and there. Snob men yeap they do have. At least that what I seen from one of them. heee....

Whatever it is, I just hope that everything will go fine... >.<

huuu...I've lost words. Sekian sahaja ulasan saya pada hari ini. Time for biochem tutorialllllll.....


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