March 16, 2008

My geeky weekend

Since it is no longer feel home here, I spent my Saturday at Brookfield Health Science building library....

Why I choose to walk more to Brookfield instead of the Boole library? Simply because it is small and nice and cozy. Plus u get to access the net nearby if u are tired and there are also prayer room in that building. Everything is perfect =)

View from the prayer room. Yeap it's situated on top of the roof. Spring is coming but why doesn't the coldness go away??? Huermphh...
My anatomy books. *seeeeeeeserabut*
Even the flowers are confused too. Should they bloom or they should not? Is it winter or spring?
Brookfield Health Science Complex where I have most of my classes's situated a lil bit isolated from UCC Main Campus. But not that far tho'. 10 minutes walk from my place.

Oh by the way, out of boredom and tenseness, me and my chaotic friend Wany decided to make a banana choc cake..

I can guarantee u the process of baking this cake is CLEAN and SAFE. Muahahahhahahahhaha..

Kek kami yang berbintat-bintat. Heeee...
Mari menghias kek
*lame gler*
Close up. It reads : "Selamat Pereksa" credit to Mihah for the writings. Kalau cikgu BM ko nampak mesti dia nangis kan tgk ko eja gitu mihah?? Muahahhaha....

Notice changes to my post recently? Yeap. More real pictures. Since I got new toy, better use it to the fullest. 5 megapixel maaa.... =D

p/s : cissss..ingatkan siap2 smbur perfume smua nak gi clubbing. rupenye nak bermesra-mesra diliving room....shhhhhoooooooooooottttttttttttt I want my freeeedddddooooOoooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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