January 03, 2019

Moving On


You can say I'm quite a loyal person to my things. I get attached a little too much that I still have momentos from primary school to high school to uni years with me. 

However I think this year moving on should be my theme. Those stuffs have been collecting dusts one day I must find courage to toss away whatever that's not needed.

This new year I bid goodbye to my loyal financial tracker. It has been with me since the day I started working in Pontian. I tracked all my money in and out everymonth. This little book has all my travelling expenses details and all and it has survived air tertumpah, hujan dan panas and finally pieces of the paper started to be separated.

Initially I planned to transfer all the old details into my new little book because sometimes I do look at old expenses for reference. But then I realized, this is it, it's time to move on. I can still flick through the old little book should I need any reference but I don't need to bring the old details into thw new little book.

So goodbye old little book. You served me well. Thanks for all the memories.

Here's to the year of moving on and starting anew 😌

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