July 07, 2017

Percaya Pada Rezeki

 Aidilfitri, this past few years have been dull for me because at certain age, you either enjoy one being a child, or being with your partner or your own child. Stuck in this age and this situation, I chose to just stay low before. But this year I have decided to just embrace my life, and just live the fuck outta it. Invited a few friends over my house last night. So glad my plan went well, despite having a lil panic attack when the chicken rice was all gone when only half of the guests has arrived. Underestimated the numbers actually but managed to do a quick fix so all was okay. Maybe ada la makan tak puas sikit gitu.

The past few weeks, I got really worried of my tenant quitting the rent, in the middle of me buying a new property and planning to travel. It's like everything coming all at once. But luckily it happened around Ramadhan, and I managed to calm myself down a lil bit and strategized ways to earn more.

Despite the hiccups here and there,  I have found a new tenant insyaAllah moving in next week, and let's hope things go smoothly after this. It's gonna be a lil bit tough this coming few months until at least end of the year, but I have learned to percaya pada rezeki, and leave it to Him to pull me through this test. All I need to do is to work a lil bit hard more, so I can enjoy a lil bit later.

The same goes to almost all situation and worries I am having now. Percaya pada rezeki, percaya pada Dia. For He has planned everything for me, and I shall just go with the flow.

Syukur, ya Allah for what I have in my life now, and will always try to remind myself to trust Your plans whenever I feel down or lonely.

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