July 05, 2017

Aidilfitri 2017

It was a very merry raya this year for me, Alhamdulillah. Dah lama tak rasa being this festive akhirnya dapat juga merasa. Since the new house has finally completed after the old one was burned down by fire, more of my uncles and aunties went back to Muar. It was hard to do so before because spaces are limited.

I went back the night of Friday. Reached kampung around 2.30 o'clock. Made sure I slept and rest well before waking up the next day to prepare.

All I can say this raya is, I was really tired of cooking and cleaning, but I had fun nonetheless. However on the 3rd day of raya, I just had enough and decided to start fasting so I can control my eating and didn't have to help cooking for that day. I was just too tired :P Imagine preparing meals for around 30-40 people for at least twice a day. Dahla memasing macam piranha ada food je terus serbu. But I'm gonna miss moments like this. It was something to treasure, really :D

That very first day I started fasting, I broke fast inside the cinema. Brought the girls out for a movie because they were complaining of boredom. Luckily CikWa entrusted me with his Estima kalau tak dah nak bersempit-sempit naik Accord MakSemah dah. There were 7 of us godang-godang semuanya. Watched Transformers. It was okay-okay not too bad.
Piranha kesayangan saya 💌💌

Spent 6 days in Muar before going back home. I accepted a last minute job offer the next day since I've got no plans for that day. Alhamdulillah, rezeki kan. On Friday went to run errands and went out for dinner with PakLong and family. The next day we went to Mak Limah's and Busu's and on Sunday we went to CikMan's SIL wedding, Kak Gee's and to Metia for BBQ. It was a week full of food and more food. Luckily I took a few days off to puasa. Tapi seronok la, at least the leaves that I was forced to take was utilised fully.

I've got another 2 days for puasa sunat syawal, settled the puasa ganti already. Hopefully by next week I can settle everything. 

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