July 17, 2017

A lil bit relieved....

Urusan tukar masuk penyewa is completed, Alhamdulillah. Out with the old, in with the new, insyaAllah. To avoid the trouble of getting to and fro Shah Alam-KL countless times I resorted for an agent to deal with bits and parts of the process.

With the new tenants, I prepared an agreement making sure all of us are at the same page and took a deposit too, albeit a bit too low from standard. So glad I had extra pair of helping hand to deal with the contracts and explaining to them because I really really really hate doing that. Things like this make me so grateful for that hands❤ Tsk. Sebak nak nangis rasa dia! Tapi sengal ubi jugakla rasa macam kena trap dengan budak-budak ni because I ended up providing washing machine, curtains and standing fan for them. With that rental rate, niat aku nak sewakan rumah kosong je lepastu pepandai la kome hidup. Tapi apakan daya hatiku tisu kesian tinggi nasib ada orang sound takyah nak bagi lelebih 😅

A few more things to settle at the house (boleh pulak kipas dia tetiba rosak lepas budak-budak ni masuk), and I can focus on the other 2 things. Can't wait to beautify my own space soon walaupun sekangkang kera je ( or mungkin anak kera. Kahh) But the thing is, I went to Ikea to find curtains for my rented house and ended up hating it. Sesak nak mampus and I don't find myself enjoying the place at all. Apakah sebab aku bitter jugak sebab semuorang datang nak menghias rumah bersama keluarga tercinta. Kahhh..Or maybe feel tak sampai lagi sebab kunci tak dapat lagi. We shall wait and see. I ended up at Jusco Maluri and found what I've been looking for. Happy dan tenang!

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